Production profile

EXPLOMET specialises in explosive metal cladding and strengthening technique.

Explosive Cladding

Explosive cladding is also known as explosion welding. It is the bonding of two or more dissimilar metals with the aid of explosives. It is accomplished by a high-velocity oblique impact between two metals.

Materials can be further processed by press stamping, spinning, rolling or bending, or welded together into larger components.

We apply explosive welding for manufacturing of:

  • clad plates
  • forgings
  • bars
  • pipes

Main Applications

  • Explosion-welded clad metals are used in a wide range of industries like: oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, desalination plants, steel mills & aluminium smelters, shipbuilding, power generation, and associated industries where corrosion, temperature and pressure are important parameters.
  • Chemical, power generation, oil & gas: Clad metals are used for fabrication of process equipment such as tube sheets, pressed heads, shells, covers, conductor rails and electric contacts.
  • Shipbuilding and Marine Construction: Welding connectors (two- or three-layer) in shipbuilding industry.
  • Chlorine Industry: We produce bimetal copper-titanium bars for electrodes for the chlorine industry. We produce clad pipes by clad sheet rolling and welding, or by cladding the interiors of ready-made pipes.

We are a unique Polish company producing electrodes activated with platinum metal salts used in chlorine electrolysis.

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